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IR Remote


Full function key button for all apps.

  • Akhan, TVonline, Nova
  • Strong body with long distance IR signal
  • Work for any AVOV box.
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978 in stock

  1. Power Button: This red power button will put your
    TVOnline N box into sleep standby mode. When you press the
    power button it will load to whatever app/menu you last left it
    on. A good habit is to go back won your box until you are at the
    main menu before pressing the power button.
  2. Mouse Button: This green mouse button brings up a
    mouse cursor. Hold down the arrow buttons to get around the
    screen with the use of a cursor. It takes some time to get used
    to but will come in to use when you cursor. It takes some time
    to get used to but will come in to use when you need to use the
    browser. To get rid of the mouse cursor simply click the mouse
    button again.
  3. Number Pad: The number pad is used mainly typing in
    channel numbers in Live TV mode. It can also be used when the
    on-screen keypad is visible.
  4. Guide Button: This is still being perfected by the many
    IPTV servers. This is for live TV and will display an electronic
    programming guide.
  5. Info Button: Used for certain secondary on-screen options.
  6. List Button: This list button will bring up channel/source
    lists while you are watching a video or movie. It will not interrupt
    the content you are currently watching.
  7. Return/Back Button: This button will be your exit button
    to get back out of screens or menus
  8. Directional Pad: The directional pad is used to navigate
    to the different items on screen. Use the up, down, left, and right
    directional buttons to do so.
  9. OK/Play/Pause Button: Located in the center of the
    directional pad, this button is used to select/activate /initiate an
    on-screen action.
  10. Volume Control Buttons: Used to adjust the volume
    through the TVOnline N box. This does not control your TV
    volume, so you may have to adjust your TV volume in order to
    get the best results.
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Dimensions 6 × 2 × 1 in