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We're offering a full range of services for almost any content delivery company.


We offer a full range of services for almost any content delivery company.

Hardware Manufacturing

We are a manufacture with low development costs. Our hardware development team will help your dreams come true. Let our fast services save your time and money.

  • In house Development Team
  • Quality Control First
  • IECQ Certificate of Conformity
  • ISO 9001 Certificated
  • ISO 14001 Certificated
  • Circuit Board, Casing Design


Nova Middleware solution is powerful and an easy system to manage. Cloud based services with the most secure system, you control.

  • Fast uploading
  • Easy navigation
  • Billing system is ready
  • More secure
  • Dedicate Engineer support
  • Over 500k user can managed
  • Most streaming engine works

Mobile & Device App

Looking for full-stack mobile app development services for your streaming? Do you want a device based app for your content delivery service? If yes, we have solution for you.

  • Customizable apk
  • All platform available
  • Easy navigation
  • Simple and easy solution
  • Logo & App design
  • Dedicated App Developer

Your own Streaming service in 2days?

Yes, it is! AVOV can help complement your content with our extensive range of licensed content with full range of CDN service. Most of all. We are fast and very inexpensive. We will meet your budget for sure.

We are dedicated to your success!

CDN Service

We support the most major CDN companies. Use our CDN for the best CDN cost in the world.

  • Accelerate Application
  • Accelerate Mobile experience
  • Better Performance
  • Powerful Load Balancing
  • Lower Cost
  • No Contract

Streaming Engine

We can provide you a hardware streaming engine server or you can simply rent our server. We currently have two locations of streaming engine servers in North America.

  • Transcoding hardware
  • Video Recoding (DVR)
  • H.264 and HEVC
  • Multi-Device management
  • DRM content protection
  • Up to 200 Channels manage per unit

Total Solution

Want to build your business as soon as possible? We can help. We can support full solution so that you can focus more on your business and less on the extra details.

  • One stop Solution
  • Even supply contents you need.
  • Dedicate Engineer support
  • Whole system setup in 2weeks
  • Web&App Develop
  • Just need your Logo and bank info
  • Real Turn key operation

This is AVOV Tech.
Destined for the modern streaming service, Destined to stand out.

Smart, rich featured, versatile.