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General Questions

You need a high speed internet connection, wireless router, TV, power adapter, HDMI and remote control. (HDMI, power adaptor and remote control is included in our box) .

NO, we don’t require monthly fee and additional charges. Purchasing your box is everything you have to do.

No, We don’t provide any subscription services to customer directly. So depending on the content you want to watch, you have to apply.

maximum of 10 open source servers.


Sure. We have a KODI app.

If your box has any issue related hardware, contact us Technical Support.

You can reset your box using 2 ways. If your box is running normally, you can try to do a factory reset in the system info. But if your box doesn’t work, and is not loading and nothing is working, you can try to do the other way. If you want to know the other way.

How To Use

Before pluging in the power, be carefull and check the correct power. If you have 2 or 3 of our boxes, you have to plug the power cords in separately. If you plug in the wrong power source, the power supply of your box will break. Start to set using the below steps.

Plug the power and the HDMI cords, This will automatically turn on the box. You can see the pairing LED light with red light and blue light on the front of box. Once your box is starting, you can see our logo for a 1 to 2 minutes, Please wait.

If your box has fully started, you can see the Welcome page. Before setting your box, you can pre-set the 4 options. If you don’t want to pre-set those options, skip it and press the ‘DONE’ button.

If you want to customize your box, first you should set the basic options then you correct server option. Otherwise you can’t set the server and see the VOD. Before setting the server, try to set the several steps.

To connect the wireless network, go to the setting menu. Click the ‘Wifi’ menu and you can see your wireless network. Using your correct your wireless password, it will say connected when done correctly. If it doesn’t display your wireless network, try re-booting the wireless router by unplugging it. A simple method of regaining wi-fi access points are. Turn Hotspot on then off again. Try again Networks will appear.

To set your time zone, go to the setting menu. Click the ‘Time’ menu and you can see all of time zone in the world. Scrolling up and down to the your time zone.

To re-set the language, go to the setting menu. Click the ‘language’ menu and then press any language you want.

If you watch the update message on the screen, just press the Yes button. Otherwise going to the setting menu and then press the system update button. Finished the update, you can see changed system info. If your box has any problems, try to do factory reset. When finished the factory reset, your box will automatically restart.

What’s the Miracast

Miracast is a peer-to-peer wireless screencasting standard formed via Wi-Fi Direct connections in a manner similar to Bluetooth. It enables wireless delivery of audio and video to or from desktops, tablets, mobile phones, and other devices.(sourced by Google) You can use it when you want to connect AVOV boxes with your other devices .such as mobile and tablet

If you want to set up the parent control for your kids to ban accessing any apps and any channels, you can use a new password. Please forget your password.

You can make a new password with any numbers and alphabets. All of apps and channels are applied by parent control. Whatever you want to block to access from your kids, you apply this In case apps, you download and then click the ‘LOCK’ button and put the your password. If you forgot password, you have to do a factory reset from system info page.

What’s the VPN A VPN is a private network that uses a public network (usually the Internet) to connect remote sites or users together. The VPN uses "virtual" connections routed through the Internet from the business's private network to the remote site or employee(sourced by Google) If you want to use the VPN services, go to VPN in the setting page. There is VPN menu, and then you have to put the information of your VPN services.

Our box supports to set up the maximum 10 open source servers.

You can watch the channel list on the left side, thumbnail screen on the top right and channel guide on the bottom right. You move up and down the channel list, thumbnail and channel guide change automatically. If you choose the channel, click the OK button, you can see the full size screen Even If you want to change to the other channel, you press the ‘back’ or ‘exit’ button on the remote control. You can see the previous screen. You choose the other channel again. While you watch the channel, if you want to find the channel guide, you press a guide button on the remote control.

If you set up your servers, you can see the VOD content automatically in the VOD menu. If you want to change the other language such as Spanish and Chinese, you press the ‘Sub T’ button in the remote control. Even if you press forward button, time of movies move, if you stop, movie play again at that time.


You have at least 20 Apps in the apps market. We just provide the third party apps. We don’t have our own apps. If you have an account for Netflex and Hulu, you can use that apps through our boxes. In our marketplace, when you download any apps, after downloading the will move to the My Apps menu. After viewing apps, if you don’t want any apps, you can delete them.


Local media is for using your USB and external storage. If you have music and movie files, You can move in our boxes through the USB and external storage.



To connect the wireless network, go to the setting menu. Click the ‘Wifi’ menu and you can see your wireless network.

Using your correct your wireless password, please check that again. Finishing it, your box should connect to wireless network. If in there and it doesn’t display your wireless network, try re-booting the wireless router by unplugging it. Once connect to the wireless network, try unplugging the Ethernet.

Check your storage whether you have downloaded to many apps. Delete your previous downloaded apps in Apps menu. Try to update and factory reset. Go to system info in the setting menu. Then if your box can’t download apps, contact us or send us a e-mail.

Make sure you have correct URL for channel services. Check your server settings. Try to system update and a factory reset, click here to go how to reset. And then if your boxes doesn’t work, please contact your server providers.

If you forgot password of parent control, you have to do a factory reset from system info page. And then you have to make a new password.


Before plugging in the power, be careful and check the correct power source. If you have 2 or 3 our boxes, you have to plug their power cords in separately. If you plug the wrong power, the power supply of your box will break. 

Nothing you can do, contact us and send e-mail us. After we check your box, we can exchange or fix. And then we will delivery back to you.

If your box suddenly doesn’t work or it stops during the loading, don’t embarrassed. Try to restart first. After re-booting, if the box doesn’t work, try to do a factory reset.click here to go how to reset . After trying a factory reset, if your box doesn’t work, please contact us.

nfortunately, this problem occurs occasionally in TV Online V2. Your box turned on normally. But while several installers installed, pop up that message ‘your device is not enough land flash memory’ and then freeze the screen. Please trying a factory reset. After trying that steps, if your box doesn’t work, contact us.

If your remote control doesn’t work, please check the battery of remote control. Despite your box works normally, doesn’t control your box with remote control. maybe the sensor in your box is broke. In that case, Contact us. We will let you know the next process how you can fix with our support.

First, try to reboot and contact your server service. If your server set properly in our box, and you are currently having channel problems. Most likely the problem doesn’t have to do with our box. Occasionally wifi speeds at your home gets worse at night time or weekend, live channels will freeze and are due to bad conditions. Please check your (ISP) internet service provider. Then if problem proceeds this is normally a server issue not a box issue.

When we update our boxes, you can see the notice message about updating. Otherwise you can try to update regularly. If you don’t update, then sometimes it will causes some issues. To update, go to the setting menu and then click system info and run the system update.

Most cases of hardware issues can fixed through a reset. Try to do the below steps. 

Unplug the power and HDMI from your box. Press the restore button and hold power for 30 seconds or until you see the console mode. (the restore button founded at the back of the box, Please carefully press the button with sharp things like a pin). You can see the below screen. Try to do the next step..

First, you go down to the list of ‘apply update from cache’ and press it.

Second, press the list of ‘recovery’ and go back to the first screen.

Third, you go down to the list of ‘wipe cache partition’ and press it.

After finishing this step, you have to move to the first screen.

Fourth, you go down to the list of ‘wipe data / factory reset’ and press it.

You can see the below screen and press the list of ‘delete all user data’.

After Erasing it is finished, your box will reboot automatically. Rebooting time takes over 30 seconds.